Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Let's Make Love

Have I got your attention? This will be a long read!
If there is one thing that saddens me in today’s world, it is the debasement of this beautiful, noble Spirit which is LOVE!  What I am saying is not just restricted to that opening statement, it goes across the board and is found in almost all spheres of life – LOVE has become a throwaway word used haphazardly and without thought or emotion.  This is NOT always the case but sadly, it is the case more often than not!  How often do we say the following phrases – ‘I Love you’, or ‘I Love this or that’, when in fact we don’t even give a thought to the REAL meaning of what we are saying!  This is nothing short of using this beautiful term in vain!  Sound familiar?
So, what is LOVE, and why should the above be seen as a problem in our generation that needs to be addressed?
Love is first and foremost felt by us Humans as an emotion but the source of that emotion is Spirit!  So, LOVE is a SPIRIT and not just any Spirit but the highest, most noble and beautiful of ALL spirits! Approximately 2000 years ago, a man, known as John, a devout man, penned the following understanding about LOVE – he wrote – ‘God is Love and he who dwells in Love dwells in God and God in him’!  This was his understanding and it follows that he understood that the Spirit that is called Holy aka, the Holy Spirit, was, in fact, the Spirit of Love, more precisely, the Spirit of Unconditional Love!  Earlier I stated that we use the term ‘Love’ in vain posing the question – ‘Sound familiar’?!
In general, Humankind has become spiritually depleted, lethargic and sick and I believe that this has a direct relationship to this matter!  Remember, it is also written that taking the Lord’s name in vain can’t be forgiven either in this world or the next!  So many have conjectured and debated what this means but in fact it is very simple – while one exists in a ‘Loveless’ state, there is NO communion or fellowship with God aka Love!  So, it’s not a matter of not being forgiven as much as it is a matter of not being able to avail one’s self of forgiveness while in this ‘Loveless State of Being’ that rules such a Soul!
So, what can we do about this if we find that any of the above applies to us – believe me when I say that I wrestle daily with this and by no means do I consider that I live the life of LOVE that I should or could, but that doesn’t stop me wrestling with it because I know it can be achieved! Consider the following – I started this message with the line ‘Let’s Make Love’, I believe that this is actually one of the most beautiful impulses that can drive an interpersonal relationship but how do we use that phrase normally, what is wrong with casually using it and how should we really perceive it and use it?
Usually, ‘Let’s make love’ means ‘let’s have sex’!  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex, it’s part of being a Physical Being and is found throughout nature in various forms but if, when we say it, we really mean - ‘I am lusting after your body and want to pleasure myself with it’, then this isn’t Love – it’s Lust, and we have just reduced the nature of this Divine, Beautiful Spirit Impulse to a base, self-serving animal nature!
True ‘Making Love’ is Beautiful and Divine but what it is really about is not just a physical interaction but rather almost everything that we do for those we love.  Then we can also include those around us that we don’t necessarily have a personal relationship with!  Right now, I can hear you saying – HUH?  Don’t worry, I’ll explain.  Let’s start with those we DO know and Love.  Making Love is about all the little things that we do for each other, actions that don’t ask for a reward or even acknowledgment.  These little actions may even seem to go unnoticed but we don’t mind because we care for and love the ones who these little actions are for!  These little, often unnoticed actions are what ‘Making Love’ is really all about!  Believe me when I say, that the more you do this, the more ‘Love’ will fill your own Soul and Being!
When this is the case, then like a bottle of champagne that is shaken, Love will Effervesce and overflow onto, and hopefully into the hearts of those around you who you may not even know!  Such is the power of the Spirit of Love, it becomes a Tangible Aura that surrounds you and is felt by those around you!  When we speak of ‘Glory’, this is what it is, it is this tangible radiance that is the Glory of Love!
So, don’t go throwing the word ‘Love’ around willy-nilly, saying I love this or that, or I would REALLY love to have this or that or Let’s make Love, when what you really mean is, I like this or that, or I really want this or that, or you make me horny and I want to have you, because in so doing, you are abusing the beautiful Nature and Spirit that is LOVE!
In closing, consider the following thoughts: -
To be able to perceive the nature of Love is to know the path to Enlightenment. 
To be able to fully comprehend the nature of Love is Enlightenment.  
Being able to live in the nature of Love is the pathway to Ascension
When you have fully become Love - Completely and Unconditionally, then you have Ascended!

So always try to remember – God is Love and he who dwells in Love dwells in God and God in him – not occasionally but 24/7 until the Glory of Love radiates from every pore of our Being! A TRULY Ascended Master is one who is SOLEY Filled with and Driven by the Impulse that is the Spirit and Nature of Divine and Unconditional Love!

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Morning Musing

Without the past - the future does not exist! 
Without the future - the past is irrelevant!
Only when both past and future both converge 
In the present does existence have any meaning!
We are not the past and neither are we the future 
We are the NOW and we exist in the eternal NOW!
Many will define us by our past 
Most will define us by our present 
But few will define us by our potential future!
Now I ask  
By what measure do you define yourself?
As for me – whether past or future – ALL is NOW!
I AM! 

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Out of the mouths of babes

It amazes me how adults in their arrogance dismiss a child's thoughts often without even being aware that they have spoken - AND we wonder why the world is such a messed up place! My advice - Adults, take time to listen to the children as their thoughts are still pure, unadulterated and without guile!